May 17, 2017

SAP Customers: Make sure your SAPJVM is up to date!


Code White have already an impressive publication record on Java Deserialization. This post is dedicated to a vulnerability in SAP NetWeaver Java. We could reach remote code execution through the p4 protocol and the Jdk7u21 gadget with certain engines and certain versions of the SAP JVM.

April 4, 2017

AMF – Another Malicious Format

AMF is a binary serialization format primarily used by Flash applications. Code White has found that several Java AMF libraries contain vulnerabilities, which result in unauthenticated remote code execution. As AMF is widely used, these vulnerabilities may affect products of numerous vendors, including Adobe, Atlassian, HPE, SonicWall, and VMware.

Vulnerability disclosure has been coordinated with US CERT (see US CERT VU#307983).

May 4, 2016

Return of the Rhino: An old gadget revisited

[Update 08/05/2015: Added reference to CVE-2012-3213 of James Forshaw. Thanks for the heads up]

As already mentioned in our Infiltrate '16 and RuhrSec '16 talks, Code White spent some research time to look for serialization gadgets. Apart from the Javassist/Weld gadget we also found an old but interesting gadget, only using classes from the Java Runtime Environment (so called JRE gadget).

We called the gadget Return of the Rhino since the relevant gadget classes are part of the Javascript engine Rhino, bundled with Oracle JRE6 and JRE7.
As you may already know, the Rhino Script engine has already been abused in JVM sandbox escapes in the past (e.g. CVE-2011-3544 of Michael Schierl and CVE-2012-3213 of James Forshaw).

April 12, 2016

Infiltrate 2016 Slidedeck: Java Deserialization Vulnerabilities

The outcome of Code White's research efforts into Java deserialization vulnerabilities was presented at Infiltrate 2016 by Matthias Kaiser.

The talk gave an introduction into finding and exploiting Java deserialization vulnerabilities. Technical details about the Oracle Weblogic deserialization RCE (CVE-2015-4852) and a SAP Netweaver AS Java 0day were shown.

The slidedeck doesn't include the SAP Netweaver AS Java 0day POC and it won't be published until fixed.

It  can be found here:

Stay tuned!

February 23, 2016

Compromised by Endpoint Protection: Legacy Edition

The previous disclosure of the vulnerabilities in Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) 12.x showed that a compromise of both the SEP Manager as well as the managed clients is possible and can have a severe impact on a whole corporate environment.

Unfortunately, in older versions of SEP, namely the versions 11.x, some of the flawed features of 12.x weren’t even implemented, e. g., the password reset feature. However, SEP 11.x has other vulnerabilities that can have in the same impact.